Vote Democrat Tom Choske For State Representative – District 6

For far too long, Lansing has tried to take hope and power away from our community, ignoring our voice and restricting our opportunities. Democrat Tom Choske will fight to change that. He has the passion and experience to stand up, fight for justice, and make government a beacon of hope once again.

Tom’s beliefs are shaped by his roots growing up in a union household. His family worked in the public schools, as educators and support personnel, and they instilled the values of hard work, modesty, and helping your neighbor into Tom at an early age. Those values propelled Tom through his schooling, obtaining degrees from both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. He has years of experience working in the legislature, at the state and federal level, where he has been able to see how the elites have taken hope and control away from our people, but has also built a track-record of standing up and winning for us.

Hope, Justice And Opportunity For All – Tom Choske Fights For Us

“We can build a better future for our community, working together despite the challenges. Our hope and perseverance give us the strength to succeed; strength that is desperately needed in Lansing.”

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