No one should ever be homeless or forced to live in squalor, two of the worst aspects of poverty. Tom will build on his work in Lansing and Washington, DC to stop the wave of home foreclosures that have devastated our neighborhoods. He will pursue policies that protect renters from unscrupulous landlords, and to make our region’s housing market more stable and attractive for investors. Tom will also make sure that our seniors and those who are working hard to get by are treated fairly and not priced out of their neighborhoods.



  • Tom will fight to allow for rent-controlled apartments to be established so that greedy developers cannot price residents out of their neighborhoods.
  • Tom will work to provide seniors, retirees, and those on fixed income more stability in their housing costs through capping property tax increases.
  • Tom will push for the State of Michigan to commit to ending child homelessness in our state by 2025. Over 40,000 children under 18 are homeless in Michigan, almost a threefold increase over the past eight years.
  • Tom will work to get the Detroit Land Bank Authority and Wayne County Treasurer’s office to help homeowners avoid foreclosure through reforming the property auction system and placing the burden on the government to prove it has successfully contacted residents.
  • Tom will leverage his experience and connections from serving on the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority CAC to create targeted tax incentives for ‘in-field’ development to bring new home construction back to our neighborhoods.
  • Tom will work to coordinate between MSHDA and local units of government to establish and expand registries of landlords, helping renters to make better-informed decisions and to provide better accountability for landlords to ensure their properties are up-to-code.