Tom will be our advocate in Lansing, working to create a Michigan where the government listens to the people and not special interests. Together with Tom, we will build a system so voters have a say in their elections – remove the redistricting process from the hands of politicians and put it with the people, where it belongs.  We will enshrine the right of the people to demand accountability of their elected officials and shed light on the dark money entering elections at all levels within the state through rigorous transparency legislation and regulating third-party ads. By leveling the playing-field in elections where candidates are able to focus on talking to voters than raising money, we will have a government that is truly ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’.



  • Tom will be a staunch advocate for reforming campaign finance disclosure laws, joining with groups such as the Michigan Campaign Finance Network to demand that all money spent on elections in the state, especially on judicial elections, is quickly reported and the information is made available to all citizens.
  • The amount of money entering elections is creating a media ‘arms race’ that forces politicians to worry more about special interest donors than voters. Tom will work to limit the amount of money that millionaires and billionaires like the DeVos’ can give to candidates and spend in elections so they cannot buy our government from us.
  • To ensure that every voter is treated fairly and can trust that their vote will be counted, Tom will partner with local city clerks and Wayne County to bring money to the district for new, reliable voting machines.
  • Tom will stand with Democrats to expand Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act to subject the Governor and the Legislature to the same scrutiny as other branches of government.
  • Tom will continue the fight to ensure the integrity of elections in Michigan by supporting legislation that will make all ballots able to be recounted, especially if there are discrepancies with polling books or other aspects of the election.
  • Tom will continue to fight for stronger disclosure rules for elected officials, ensuring that members of the State Legislature are held to the same or tougher standards than elected officials in Washington, DC.