As Detroit and Michigan led the world in technological innovation at the outset of the 20th century, so can we again lead in the 21st century. Through fearlessly embracing new ideas, using best-practices from business and other governments, and supporting our local entrepreneurs, Michigan can expand the technology renaissance it has been experiencing while helping to make government more effective and efficient.



  • Tom will push to make Lansing more efficient and effective at working to help people with their needs through instituting an advanced casework management system in the Legislature. This will make it easier for offices to provide better services while preventing people from having to prepare documents and other information in duplicate.
  • Tom will advocate for an electronic “Right To Repair” bill that will protect people who get their electronic devices repaired at local shops.
  • Tom will work collaboratively to strengthen consumer protection laws so that users have more control over their digital data.
  • Tom will fight to bring more jobs to our community while improving our environment through making Michigan a leader in recycling technologies. He will work to make curbside recycling universal while bringing advanced single-stream recycling facilities to the area.
  • Tom will support the growth of affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet access throughout our community. He will support programs like the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) that help all people claim their right to access the Internet.
  • Tom will, should the federal government not re-implement Net Neutrality laws, push for legislation to mandate that all telecom providers with state contracts adhere to the principles of Net Neutrality in Michigan, building on the efforts in Montana and other states to ensure the Internet is kept open for Michigan’s small businesses.