Our region’s transit and infrastructure are among the worst in the country, but we can seize this opportunity to make Michigan a national leader. The American Society of Civil Engineers,  21st Century Infrastructure Commission, Business Leaders For Michigan, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, and other groups have laid out the blueprint for how to revolutionize our roads, electrical systems, water, and public transit networks. Together, we can reinvest in our infrastructure and once again make Michigan the first-in-class state, with the best roads, most comprehensive and innovative public transit systems, safe and durable electrical & water systems, and greenest power grid in the country.



  • Tom will fight to implement the bipartisan recommendations of the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, such as:
    • Creating a ‘Michigan Infrastructure Council’ to centralize information from across the state on the status of our infrastructure and to provide recommendations for its upkeep
    • Leveraging advanced database systems to improve
    • Replacing aging water systems, from drinking water to sewers, while investing in environmentally sustainable ways to manage storm water.
    • Building a new lock in Sault Ste. Marie within the Soo Locks system.
    • Investing in cybersecurity and intelligent vehicle systems
  • Tom will work to find ways to help Michigan reach the $4 billion per year needed to upgrade our roads, water systems, and other infrastructure through:
    • Identifying and eliminating wasteful corporate welfare subsidies to big business
    • Identifying and eliminating wasteful government contracts, such as for IT systems that don’t work
    • Push Michigan to have a progressive income tax so that the wealthy pay their fair share
    • Aggressively pursuing roadwork contractors who have failed to meet quality standards for previous road projects, seeking damages
  • Private investors shouldn’t be able to reap huge profits from public works. Tom will work to make utility rate increases, such as water rates, subject to state oversight to protect citizens.
  • Tom will bring his experience in transit to bear, helping to improve coordination between the public transit providers in the RTA and supporting the growth of bus, light rail, and heavy rail systems throughout Michigan.
  • Tom will defend Renewable Portfolio Standards, ensuring there is a strong market to support the development of new, green power generation and transmission technologies.