Questions about Michigan’s 6th State House District?

The district was drawn in 2011, after the results of the 2010 census and is located within Wayne County. Each State House district has roughly 90,000 inhabitants, and there are 110 total districts in Michigan.

Our district includes parts of the City of Detroit, as well as the entire communities of River Rouge and Ecorse.

For those in Detroit, the district includes parts of the East Side,  including the Villages neighborhoods and Lafayette Park, Downtown, Brush Park, Corktown and North Corktown, Mexicantown and Southwest Detroit.

The exact definition from the State is:

That portion of the city beginning at 22nd and E. Edsel Ford Freeway, east on E. Edsel Ford Freeway to Grand River, southeast on Grand River to Hazel, west on Hazel to Harrison, south on Harrison to Temple, east on Temple to Trumbull, north on Trumbull to Grand River, southeast on Grand River to the Lodge Freeway, north on Lodge Freeway to Martin Luther King Blvd., east on Martin Luther King Blvd. Extending to Mack to St Aubin, south on St. Aubin to Wilkins, east on Wilkins to Gratiot, northeast on Gratiot to E. Warren, east on E. Warren to Maxwell, south on Maxwell to Sylvester, east on Sylvester to Fischer, south on Fischer to Mack, east on Mack to Holcomb, south on Holcomb to Charlevoix, west on Charlevoix to Fischer, south on Fischer to E. Jefferson, west on E. Jefferson to Burns, south on Burns and Burns extended to the Detroit River, west along the Detroit River to E. Grand Blvd., south on E. Grand Blvd. to Belle Isle, east and west around Belle Isle to E. Grand Blvd., north on E. Grand Blvd. to the Detroit River, west along the Detroit River to (City Limits), south on the City Limits to W. Outer Dr., west on W. Outer Dr. to I-75 Service Dr., north on I-75 Service Dr. to Schaefer, north on Schaefer to Liddesdale, north on Liddesdale to Leonard, east on Leonard to Deacon, north on Deacon to Pleasant, east on Pleasant to the Rouge River, north along the Rouge River to Fort, east on Fort to Woodmere, north on Woodmere to Longworth, east on Longworth to Central, south on Central to N.Y.C.R.R., north on N.Y.C.R.R. to Livernois, north on Livernois to John Kronk, east on John Kronk to G.T.W.R.R., northeast on G.T.W.R.R. to Lawton, north on Lawton to Sylvan, west on Sylvan to 22nd, north on 22nd to W. Edsel Ford Freeway, the point of beginning.