Tom believes that the key to any state’s health lies in the health of its residents. With common-sense reforms, we can fight the prevalence of asthma, diabetes, and renal disease that plague our community. By helping mothers receive the care and nutrition they need, we can help reduce infant and mother mortality and give our children a healthier life. We can give everyone the opportunity to have proper dental care, and we can enshrine our values in a healthcare bill of rights that will be a model for the entire country.



  • To stop the diseases associated with water shutoffs, Tom will work to increase funding for water bill assistance programs while pushing to make water shutoffs to residents illegal.
  • Tom will work to support local programs that connect expecting and new mothers with other women to help improve pregnancy outcomes in our region, lowering the mortality rates for both infants and mothers.
  • Tom will fight to keep Medicaid expansion in Michigan so that more citizens can have access to the care they need.
  • Tom will also fight to provide dental coverage as part of Medicaid, giving more residents access to quality healthcare that is essential for their health.
  • Tom will continue to be a strong supporter of nutrition assistance, building on the work he did with Rep. Hansen Clarke to save the WIC program for children and their mothers.
  • Tom supports a Healthcare Bill of Rights, which ensures citizens get the highest-quality care possible.
  • Tom will work to give Nurse Practitioners greater power and autonomy to help patients.
  • Tom will fight tooth-and-nail for Universal Family Care in the State of Michigan:
    • Universal childcare for every child who is five years old and under will have access to childcare.
    • Families where a parent/caregiver stays at home to raise their children will receive a tax benefit equivalent to the cost of childcare ( $10,000 a year).
    • Universal home care for seniors and people with disabilities
    • Establish reimbursement rates to for injured workers high enough to give them a living wage, and ensure that caregivers are paid enough to take care of their own families.
    • Establish paid time off for all workers.
    • Establish paid family leave for mothers as well as fathers.