Serving our community has been my lifelong dream. From a young age, I’ve strived to live up to President Kennedy’s famous quote, “to whom much is given, much will be required.” My parents, both public school employees, taught me the value of hard work. Working as a Detroit Public School teacher for 30 years after serving in the US Air Force, my father exemplified dedication to service. With the support of the union, he and my mother were able to provide me with a good home, great education, and the passion to help others.

I’ve been honored to work on behalf of our region for years, fighting as a staffer in the State Legislature, US House of Representatives, and as a board member of PartnershipUs to make our community better. In my time working with great leaders like former Congressman Hansen Clarke, I helped fight against polluters who are destroying our neighborhoods and health, against Republicans who wanted to bust unions and give handouts to big corporations, and against the scourge of illiteracy in our communities. My experience on the front-lines of the biggest battles in Lansing and Washington DC have prepared me to skillfully serve our community as State Representative.

Every single day I see the fantastic strength, resilience, and vibrancy of our community. Within the 6th State House District, we bring together people old and young, of diverse ethnicities and heritages, of many religions, of the cities and suburbs. We have world-leading industrial titans and a cornucopia of small businesses. We are one of the most diverse districts in the state, a bastion of strong African American culture, and we are all united by our love for our region and our hope that we can do better for our children than we have had ourselves.This constantly inspires me to do better, to work harder, to help others see beyond the challenges and to see the hope and potential that exists throughout the area.

I see government as a beacon of hope, where we can come together to make a difference. I’m running to inspire hope and faith in our community that our State Representative Fights For Us!

-Tom Choske