The insurance system in Michigan is a disaster. From auto insurance payments that cost more than a mortgage to legislation that restricts insurance coverage for women’s health care, Tom will work to reform the system. Together, we can create an insurance system that provides better coverage while reducing user costs. Through eliminating waste and providing transparency in pricing, auto insurance can become more affordable for all.


  •     Tom will continue the fight he and then-State Senator Hansen Clarke led to outlaw the unfair practice of insurance “redlining” to give all people fair treatment in selecting their policies, ensuring that insurance companies can no longer discriminate against policy holders based on their “territory”
  •      Tom will call for an investigation into the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, demanding full transparency for how the funds are managed.
  •     Tom will fight to ensure that reproductive healthcare services for women are included in Michigan health insurance policies, and that contraception care is also provided for all.
  •     Tom will defend healthcare for all in the community, fighting against efforts to reduce Medicaid eligibility and working towards creating a single-payer system in Michigan.