Michigan’s costly and ineffective criminal justice system is holding our entire society back and making our streets more dangerous. Tom will be our voice in Lansing to move Michigan forward by shifting the focus to ‘correction’ versus ‘punishment’. He will fight to ensure that those who have served their time have the resources and support necessary to re-enter the workforce. Elected judges should have the power to do what is best for their communities; Tom will work to free judges of restrictive mandatory minimums that cost the state money and do not make our community safer. He will also fight to reform our state’s antiquated and dangerous firearms laws that help perpetuate the cycles of violence that plague our communities.



  • Tom will further build on the work he did as a State Senate and US House staffer to implement statewide “Ban The Box” legislation, giving returning citizens a better chance to gain employment and reduce recidivism.
  • Tom will work with law enforcement to create a pilot program forming a ‘mental health’ unit in the Detroit Police Department, modeled on the successes in San Antonio and other cities, featuring officers with advanced training in how to handle incidents with mentally ill patients.
  • Tom will continue the work he did as a House and Senate staffer to support Returning Citizens. He will work to move the Offender Success program back towards the model of the Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative (MPRI), increase funding by 76% to 2010 levels, and to provide grants to employers who hire returning citizens.
  • Tom will support the Secretary of State’s reciprocity for MDOC IDs so returning citizens can immediately get a State ID upon release with no hassle., working with partners like Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.
  • Tom will further his work to ensure that all people are treated fairly by law enforcement, building on his work in Congress to fight against illegal ICE raids in Southwest Detroit and the inhumane practice of immigration detention at schools.
  • Tom will work to reform controlled substances laws, supporting the growth of drug treatment courts statewide and working to reform how drug testing is done so that addicts can get the treatment they need rather than risk prosecution or dismissal.
  • Tom will ensure that returning citizens can access state nutritional assistance programs, even if they have a substance abuse conviction on their record.
  • Tom will fight for mandatory, automatic expungement of all non-violent misdemeanors and felonies after 4 years of release and no re-offense.
  • Tom will continue to fight to uphold civil rights and ensure that Black Lives Matter, combating abusive and racist policing policies while working to ban the use of racist facial recognition technology by law enforcement.
  • Tom believes that firearms should be regulated at least as much as automobiles are – he will fight to ensure all firearms, including long guns, are licensed and that firearm owners have to renew their licenses on an annual basis.